December 27, 2006

Technology for Christmas

I've been a loyal Treo/Palm guy for years, working my way up to a Treo 650 about 6 months ago. more. I gifted myself a new Blackberry Pearl which blows away any Treo device (including the new 680). The user interface is what sealed the deal for me - very intuitive, fewer click throughs, great form factor. I love it! It has a really cool browser feature that updates a site every couple of minutes which is great for getting sports updates (confession here - I was getting updates on the Broncos/Bengals game during church. Hey it was a critical game.) They also use push technology that updates your emails as they come in vs. Treos pull technology that goes out and gets them on a schedule - even if there's nothing there. Hands down this new Blackberry Pearl is the best PDA out there.

Christine got me a new 80 gig Video iPod. I admit that when she first hinted that she was getting it for me I was a bit disappointed - only because I love the small size of my Nano. But I've been playing with it for a few days and it's the coolest thing. I've now downloaded a couple of episodes from the Office, a bunch of shorts from the Discovery and History channels, I've subscribed to NBC Nightly news, Anthony Bourdains travels through Sicily and an hour long program from the Biography Channel on Great Leaders. I'm also debating to get the entire last couple of seasons of Lost. Perfect for laying in the hammock in Cabo! 

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October 05, 2005

Web 2.0 Conference

I'm at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco this week along with Greg Reinacker, Brent Simmons and Jennifer Smith of NewsGator. The conference is amazing, all the latest technologies applied to the web. NewsGator garnered the early "buzz" with our acquisition of NetNewsWire and that continues to be the hot topic but there's a lot to consume here. There are two things that struck me most; One is the transformation of what we know as the "Web" from one way to a two-way platform of communication. To date most of the web has been created, delivered and managed by corporate America, and we as users consume that data. The other is the "mashing" of programs through open source or "APIs" that allow programs talk to one another, to share data with one another.The cool thing is that there are applications/programs that have been created and are being used today by early technology adopters that is just amazing. The new functionality that I witnessed today will blow your socks off. In 5 years we will be looking back at the way we used the web in 2005 and laugh. Web 2.0 will be a completely different experience for all of us. It's about bringing the power of the web to the people. Yea, web 2.0 is kind of like "power to the people" vs. "the man" (saw that in a movie). Can't wait until tomorrow.

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October 04, 2005

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Last week we acquired Ranchero Software, makers of the ever so popular RSS aggregator software NetNewsWire for the Mac. We were waiting for Web 2.0 to start this Wednesday to formally announce the acquisition but someone got "happy fingers" and broke the news early in the blogesphere via a leak. You can read about it officially here or of course by searching the blogesphere through NewsGator on-line for key word "Newsgator" for other juicy comments by friends and foes alike.

This is a big deal for NewsGator, it rounds out our Individual User products platform. We now have interfaces for Outlook (NewsGator for Outlook), the Web (NewsGator Online), the Desktop (FeedDemon edition), mobile (NewsGator mobile edition) and now the Mac (NetNewsWire)...all synchronized to deliver you your RSS feeds now matter where you are. We also are extremely happy to have Brent join the team, Brent's a rock solid developer not to mention one of the nicest businessman you'll ever meet. With the treo of Greg, Nick and now Brent you do the math. The NewsGator family has the best of the best from the RSS world in terms of products and talent.

NewsGator, #1 in Individual Use RSS products, #1 in Enterprise RSS Server and #1 in Private label RSS solutions. The RSS Platform Company!

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September 25, 2005

Factiva Forum - A Hit!

I had the chance to serve on a panel at the Factiva Forum in N.Y. this past week. It was great on a number of fronts. They had about 100 of their top clients from the east coast attend to hear Factivas strategies for premium content. For those of you that are not familiar with Factiva, they produce premium content for consumption by organizations world-wide. As the world of content, especially content produced in an RSS format, increases, companies like Factiva become more and more valuable as a source of "trusted information". David Scott blogged about the event here.

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September 19, 2005

Undertsanding RSS

Hartford Courant publication does a nice job of simplifying RSS. If you're already reading a few blogs, or are thinking about creating your own, this article is a must read.

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