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March 22, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Last week my bothers and sisters and I spent three days in Vegas with my mother celebrating her 75th birthday. She loves Vegas and so do I. Names are being withheld to protect the guilty. We had an absolute blast! I'm so glad Vegas has found a way to transform from the horrible idea of making itself into a kid friendly destination resort back in the early 90's. In all of it's decadence, Vegas has found a way to attract the best restaurants, entertainment and nightclubs in the world. Obviously all coming with a price. I can't imagine anywhere in the world, with maybe the exception of Dubai, that packs as much money, entertainment, glamor, food and every vice you can think of within 1 square mile. We stayed at the Bellagio in  a couple of suites in the new Spa Tower which was perfect - four brothers in one suite was a site to be seen. Although there wasn't a lot of waking hours spent there. Come to think of it there weren't a lot of sleeping hours either. Dinners at Prime and Circo at Bellagio were opulent, and another at Mix which is at the top of THE Hotel (Mandalay Bay) that had incredible views of the strip. Spent some time at a couple of clubs, Pure at Ceasers was off the charts, did a show, spent a day golfing and another by the pool just kicking back. Three perfect days in paradise. Speaking of dice - not so good. It was a blast being with everyone, alone, without kids, et al, and especially being with my mother who's is a fabulous 75 now.

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