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February 05, 2007

The Fray was Fabulous

Fray1 Made our way to Vail this weekend and caught The Fray concert with some good friends of ours. I love this band, I love the whole story. Just a bunch of guys from Boulder/Denver, CO that started jammin together a few years back, got a MySpace page (most people don't know it but the original premise of MySpace was to host web sites of bands to promote themselves) and the rest is history. How to Save a Life (from Greys Anatomy) propelled them to the spotlight and it's been a rocket ride ever since. They only have 12 songs, played them all plus a couple of new ones that they wanted to "try out"....all good. The crowd went crazy during She Is, Over my Head (my favorite) and of course How to Save a Life, but the whole show was just really great. We saw them at the Dobson Ice arena, general admission, standing side by side with 10,000 people 20' from the stage spilling beer the whole time - it was perfect. Slade is a remarkably talented musician but the whole band just had a really great vibe about them. They obviously get compared a lot to Coldplay given the focus of the piano, but for only being together for a few years, going double platinum on their first album, two Grammy nominations - these guys are good.

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