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January 30, 2007

Kyoto Protocal or Bust

Our Government made a conscious decision not to adopt the Kyoto Protocol framework through the United Nations for climate control in 1997. While most other leading nations from around the globe quickly moved to adopt policies outlined in the mandate, the U.S. took the position of "voluntary reductions" in CO2 and NO2 emissions. This resulted in an actual increase in the level of emissions throughout the U.S. as our economy and population continues to grow. There's been a lot of rhetoric around the subject of global warming, nay-sayers, doom-sayers, it seems that most everyone has an opinion. WorldWatch Institute has a good, albeit dated synopsis regarding Kyoto and Climate Change. Mounting evidence tells me, we need to at least pay attention to data and leading scientists. Recently I watched the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" which was produced by Al Gores team. If 10% of what is portrayed in this movie is accurate - I think we're in trouble. As a follow up I read Lester Browns book Plan B 2.0 which focuses on how to save our planet. Again, astonished by some of the facts that a truly credible author lays out around energy, climate, population and food.

Today there's a House Oversite Committee inquiry into the White House apparently "stonewalling" a scathing report on climate change. One small positive step was that the President did issue an executive order yesterday mandating all Federal Agencies to reduce carbon emissions. OK ....so that deals with 1/2 of 1% of all energy. What about the other 99.5%? Renewable energy President Bush....renewable energy! I can all but guarantee that Renewable Energy will be the cornerstone of our next Presidents platform.

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