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December 27, 2006

Technology for Christmas

I've been a loyal Treo/Palm guy for years, working my way up to a Treo 650 about 6 months ago. Well...no more. I gifted myself a new Blackberry Pearl which blows away any Treo device (including the new 680). The user interface is what sealed the deal for me - very intuitive, fewer click throughs, great form factor. I love it! It has a really cool browser feature that updates a site every couple of minutes which is great for getting sports updates (confession here - I was getting updates on the Broncos/Bengals game during church. Hey it was a critical game.) They also use push technology that updates your emails as they come in vs. Treos pull technology that goes out and gets them on a schedule - even if there's nothing there. Hands down this new Blackberry Pearl is the best PDA out there.

Christine got me a new 80 gig Video iPod. I admit that when she first hinted that she was getting it for me I was a bit disappointed - only because I love the small size of my Nano. But I've been playing with it for a few days and it's the coolest thing. I've now downloaded a couple of episodes from the Office, a bunch of shorts from the Discovery and History channels, I've subscribed to NBC Nightly news, Anthony Bourdains travels through Sicily and an hour long program from the Biography Channel on Great Leaders. I'm also debating to get the entire last couple of seasons of Lost. Perfect for laying in the hammock in Cabo! 

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