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November 16, 2005

They Walk On The Left, Too

One of the things I've committed myself to, is to be more cognizant of the world around me. I've grown to understand, it's not about me, but rather everyone else that has their own particular reality of things.

I'm in London right now on business, I've been in the UK probably a dozen times or so over the years, some for extended periods of time, rarely taking the time to enjoy or see the sights or observe the culture. Typically I have blinders on and just get accomplished what I had intended to accomplish and get back to the states. This time isn't different except for the fact I did take some time and "notice" the environment around me. A few observations;

- They (Londoners) not only drive on the left side of the road, they walk on the left side of a sidewalk. I started cracking up as I noticed I walk on the right side of a sidewalk (as most Americans do) and pass on the right. I found myself "swimming up stream".

- They (Londoners) walk everywhere, even more than you would walk in NY. That's why they are all thin. It's either that or the food.

- The train system is amazing, no revelation there, but I did notice that you could actually understand what the automated attendant was saying when you came upon the next stop on the train or tube. Try understanding what station you're coming upon in NY. Yo!

- They (Londoners) talk a lot and it always sounds cool. Maybe it's the accent, but I noticed their command of the English language. Every word means something. Smashing!

- There aren't ANY garbage cans around for obvious reasons, BUT there isn't any garbage on the ground. hmmmm.

In the words of my brother in law Mark, of the infamous Bottini brothers,  "welcome to my world". Those words ring true when you get out of your own little world.

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Did you notice the neck ties? In the UK the stripes usually run from the wearer's left shoulder down - in the US it's the other way.

Posted by: Mike Atkins | Nov 17, 2005 8:31:32 AM

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