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October 04, 2005

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Last week we acquired Ranchero Software, makers of the ever so popular RSS aggregator software NetNewsWire for the Mac. We were waiting for Web 2.0 to start this Wednesday to formally announce the acquisition but someone got "happy fingers" and broke the news early in the blogesphere via a leak. You can read about it officially here or of course by searching the blogesphere through NewsGator on-line for key word "Newsgator" for other juicy comments by friends and foes alike.

This is a big deal for NewsGator, it rounds out our Individual User products platform. We now have interfaces for Outlook (NewsGator for Outlook), the Web (NewsGator Online), the Desktop (FeedDemon edition), mobile (NewsGator mobile edition) and now the Mac (NetNewsWire)...all synchronized to deliver you your RSS feeds now matter where you are. We also are extremely happy to have Brent join the team, Brent's a rock solid developer not to mention one of the nicest businessman you'll ever meet. With the treo of Greg, Nick and now Brent you do the math. The NewsGator family has the best of the best from the RSS world in terms of products and talent.

NewsGator, #1 in Individual Use RSS products, #1 in Enterprise RSS Server and #1 in Private label RSS solutions. The RSS Platform Company!

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