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May 07, 2005

Gabbys Wish - The Gabby Krause Foundation

Thursday evening the CBS affiliate in Denver (Channel 4) did a special segment on Gabby Krause. For those of you who don't know of Gabby - she died of brain cancer last fall at the age of six. She was an amazing child; a big bright smile, full of energy and laughter and smart as a whip. What was incredible about Gabby is that while she was fighting cancer, during the chemotherapy, brain surgery's, through it all - she wanted to bring smiles to the faces of all of the other kids going through what she was, while at Children's Hospital. She wanted to deliver what she called a "bag of fun" full of toys and games to the kids and their families to brighten up their days.

After Gabby died, her mother (Tammy) and father (Tom) wanted to carry on the tradition and started The Gabby Krause Foundation for the purpose of bringing these "bags of fun" to other kids with cancer. What started out as a great idea has grown tremendously with the help of a number of dedicated friends and family who want to fulfill on Gabby's wish. What's transpired over the past several months has been nothing short of miraculous. People throughout Colorado and beyond have heard about Gabby's story and want to contribute in a number of ways. Tammy and Tom Krause are amazing people and the volunteers that they have working with them are completely driven and dedicated to making this foundation a resounding success. The foundation is putting on a fundraiser on June 3rd at the Park Meadows mall - it's called "Bring Out The Bags". Hundreds of people are expected to attend what will be a a great, great night.

There are a lot of fund-raising events throughout the year, for a number of causes. This is one of those events that's special. Started by the dream of a child with cancer that wanted to help others. The parents of that child wanting to fulfill that dream. A child, and parents that touch the lives of everyone that they come in contact with. So here are a couple of requests that I have;

1) If you can attend the event on the 3rd, great, If not please go to The Gabby Krause Foundation home page and make a pledge.

2) If you're associated with a company that could possibly become a sponsor of the event, this is one of those times where it makes sense. We all know someone that has access to funds at a company for charity. Corporate Sponsors as well as corporate donantions to the foundation are still needed.

3) Blog about this. Or send a link of my blog to others. Whatever it takes to spread the word would be appreciated.   

Lets help Tammy and Tom and the rest of the tireless volunteers grow this cause and perhaps make this foundation known not only throughout Colorado, but throughout the Rockies, throughout the country and even beyond. Thanks.                                    

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