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February 06, 2005

The Game was a Blast!

We had a great time at the game last night. We started off at Tamayo restaurant in LoDo (if you haven't gone there, go, its our favorite "upscale" mexican restaurant), where we had a couple of appetizers and few cocktails to set the scene. Took a pedi-cab from LoDo to the Pepsi Center, the kids would have said they had a great time if that was the only thing we did. We arrived at the end of the shoot-around and Alec got Vashon Lenords autograph, most everyone else had already gone inside before we arrived. Didn't matter to him though - he was pumped! Nuggets_familyVashon is his new #1 player - I think he went to bed with his newly autographed Nuggets program. Here's the crew prior to the game. We ran into Rick and Chris Weston (he took the picture) at the game. They're good friends of ours and live close by.

The game was a blowout, The nuggets are clearly re-energized with the arrival of George Carl as their new head coach. Although the Golden State Warriors are horrible, I think they where something like 4 for 18 at one point in the first period. The Nuggets were up by 20 at half time.


It didn't matter though, between the popcorn, soda, cotton candy and ice cream, Alec & Alexa were in 7th heaven - and later a food coma. They both went crazy when Carmelo Anthony finished off an ally-oop, and Alec learned to "boooo" loudly when a Warrior was at the foul line (he'd fit right in at the Garden in NYC - where I saw my first game). Lex loved the Nuggets Dancers, ummm along with a number of others in the crowd. What was cool was there were no fights, no drunken idiots - just a good clean time of family fun. Kudos to the Nuggets and the Pepsi Center for the product that they put forth.

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