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January 18, 2005

When Assets Have Feet

I had the chance to catch up with Carl Fitch the other day. Carl owns a company called Statera (www.statera.com) with his partner and long time business associate/friend Brad Wyedert. I've known both Carl and Brad for a couple of years now - through a round about way - golf and poker! Both are great guys but most importantly they know how to run a business. Statera is a consulting company. Basically, they have talented developers in a number of different areas (Microsoft platforms, BEA, Oracle, TIBCO, Vignette, etc) and they put them on projects for various companies throughout the country/world (they did a bunch of work at the past Olympics in Athens).

I say that these guys know how to run a business because what they do is not easy. It's a resource management competency that they've built up over the years while at the same time building a reputation for excellent project management work as well as delivering a high quality product. And...they've done it through some of the most challenging times ever (they started Statera in 2001) and are now north of 100 people. They started another company in the same business years ago and sold it to Raymond James Consulting in the late 90's before starting Statera. That too was successful in part because it was built upon the same guiding principles that Statera was built on "Help businesses succeed by delivering the right combination of technology, process and personnel." Pretty simple huh? For those of you that have been in the "consultants game" (I dare not call it "body shop") you know that's it's not easy balancing Project Scheduling with Quality with the Right Resources with the Right Price and keeping everyone happy while you do it - customers, employees, etc. Oh, yea - and make money while you're doing it. These guys get it and have been successful time and time again. Congrats to Carl & Brad!

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